mitsubishi pajero 2014

High demand for the new model Pajero

There is a growing demand for a new model Mitsubishi Pajero, which should appear during 2014.According to some information the first time, this model could be seen during this year.It … Continue Reading →


2014 comes a new Pajero

Currently, we could hear about new generation of Mitsubishi Pajero, is that there are still years away, and that we might be getting hybrid version. Up happening is that we … Continue Reading →

Pajero model 2014

2014 Mitsubishi Pajero attractive new design

Rugged, yet refined, modern and new Pajero bold design reflects his best form. Sophisticated design and technology are not only easier handling, reduce noise and increase safety, but at the … Continue Reading →

Mitsubishi Pajero Dakar

The new Pajero 2014 real car for towing

Mitsubishi has kept the Pajero in step with the Japanese medium wagon competition, but the marque is showing its age when lined up against the latest technology engines form Europe.This … Continue Reading →

2014 Mitsubishi

The changes brought by the new Mitsubishi Pajero 2014

The following year will appear new model Pajero which comes from the Japanese company Mitsubishi.According to some of the new Pajero will include a new engine, refreshed front grille and … Continue Reading →

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